Sheraton Hotel is coming to Podgorica

Sheraton Hotel in Podgorica will be opened next year, in addition to the Hilton Hotel, whose construction is in progress.

Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG), owner of Atlas Capital Center, has successfully completed negotiations with world-renowned hotel chain Sheraton.

In the Atlas Center will be open a hotel whose construction will have invested 11 million US dollars, out “Vijesti”.

In the center of Podgorica, on the basis of the legendary hotel “Montenegro”, is being built Hilton, whose completion is expected in mid-next year.

The directors of Qannas Investments believe that Montenegro is one of the fastest growing travel and tourism markets in the world with a lack of branded high end hotels developed in accordance with international hospitality standards, Qannas said in a statement.

Qannas Investments, via a related company, bought two land in Montenegro – one in Sveti Stefan and the other in the back of the beach Lucice in Petrovac.

In an earlier statement Qannas , writes that the Atlas Capital is one of the largest combined projects in Eastern Europe and that Sheraton Hotel will be the second largest hotel in Podgorica.
Of the countries in the region Sheraton hotel was opened in Zagreb, Croatia in 1995, while the June 1 in Dubrovnik to be open another. Sheraton since 2003 is also present in Albania.

Sheraton Hotel podgorica

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