Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel prices per night 331-1430 euros



New luxury cabins – hotel ” Regent Porto Montenegro ” , which is under construction and will open in August , announced the pricing of its services for that month and September .

Overnight at the hotel , depending on the type of room or apartment will cost from 595 to as much as 1,300 euros without taxes , and with included taxes , the price is 331.00 to 1430.00 euros.

Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel,

spreads over nearly 20,000 square meters of usable area , it is worth over 53 million euros and has 35 rooms and 45 suites , including four ultra luxury penthouse apartment on the last floor .

Also, the five-star hotel ranking has a large central atrium , several swimming pools , a spa center, and several restaurants , bars and lounges .

The particularity of this facility will be a little “private island ” separated from the rest of the surface of the water atrium , a stone path to the islands will be under water.
Regent Porto Montenegro hotel will be available and all sports facilities in Tivat’s nautical recreation center , as well as luxury large outdoor pool Lido.

Despite the ” hot” prices, stay in the ” Regent Porto Montenegro ” in August have booked more than 100 guests from around the world .


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