Port Milena Bridge

"milena-bridge.jpg"Total length of moves that has embraced the project is 900 m, of which the bridge is 350 meters long in front of the bridge was made roundabout. On the bridge there are 4 lanes, and from both parts are concerned sidewalks. Along the bridge, as well as access roads and lighting was done. On the bridge is a very good quality fences made ​​of stainless steel.


"most-na-mileni.jpg"Bridge will be outstanding and beautifully integrated into the environment. It is a unique system of traction, and the middle of the bridge will opened and large yachts will be able to pass under the bridge into marina which is consived in spatial plan .


The construction of the bridge over the canal Port Milena shall be made for connecting Ulcinj boulevard with the road to Ada Bojana and 14 km Long Beach, which will increase traffic flow and reduce traffic jams, which are especially pronounced during the summer tourist season. The bridge was designed with four traffic lanes 3.25 m wide central reserve of 2.0 m wide footpaths on both sides by 2.65 m total width of the bridge is 20.30 m .

"port-milena-most.jpg"Bridge that was supposed to be completed last year as announced was not completed on time because Slovenian company Primorje  which was nearly finished work on the bridge was bankrupt and failed to complete work on time so the subcontractor for a delay of one year finally is wrapping  up works on the bridge.

You can view the video here .


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