Nudist Beach In Ulcinj

Women’s beach in Ulcinj exist more than 40 years, there were initially local  women coming for a swim and healthy benefits of sulfur and salt water ,and later this beach have turned into the tourist attraction of Ulcinj. Now women come from every region to socialize with other women and of course for the use of health benefits of the sun ,salt and sulfuric water.

It is believed that bathing in this water helps women to became pregnant , until now nothing has been proven so everything stays just on faith. As i am concerned, after a day spend relaxing on the sun and swimming make women became more happy and sexually active , that may also help in relationship with their husbands . Regardless, women like to come to the female nude beach and a large number of those coming here for years. They feel safe and relaxed away from the gaze of men. I think it’s good to know that the women’s beach here has existed for over 40 years and it is the first female beach in Europe.

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