Health benefit of the sandy beach in Ulcinj

If anything in Ulcinj is known then it’s a long 15 kilometers sandy beach , which extends to the border with Albania.
So if you find yourself on a large sandy beach in Ulcinj here are some useful tips on how to behave on the sand in order to benefit your health.


To where sneakers in hot sand is not very smart decision, you can where your sandals or slippers but simply walking barefoot on the beach can help soothe, heal and strengthen them in several different ways.

Walking on the sandy beaches in Ulcinj is one of the finest forms of exercise. It is said that, among other benefits, walking on the sand increases cardiac output, decreases blood pressure, improves circulation and skin tone, and strengthens bones and muscles. Walking on the sand also exacts a heavy toll the feet calluses, corns, blisters, and even more serious foot injuries.

Walking on the sandy beach  is a good exercise with a massaging effect . Thus, walking on the sand not only provides the benefits of a healthful exercise routine but also lessens wear and tear on foot and leg joints. For those with mild arthritis, it reduces the pain caused by exercise.

Walking on the Ulcinj beach is the most desirable and fun loving for both fitness and weight loss purposes, it might just be the beginning of steps to better health for you and your feet. And who knows what else you might even discover on the beach, so keep your senses alert, and enjoy your walking on the sand .

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