For Hotels Mediteran,Galeb and Jadran proposed annex to the contract


Project for hotel Galeb

Council for privatization and capital projects of the Government of Montenegro adopted today a decision on termination of privatization contracts in the field of tourism . The Council, chaired by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic , has proposed a unilateral breach of contract deals for hotel “Planinka ” and ” lakes ” in Zabljak for failure to fulfill obligations of the investment agreement.

Tičić recalled that the government last month formed a team to review all contracts for investment in the tourism sector .



Project for Hotel Mediteran

For Ulcinj hotels ” Galeb ” and “Mediteran” council proposed annex to the contract with precise rights and obligations , because in both cases was found nonperformance by the local government .

For Montenegro company for hotel ” Jadran ” in Ulcinj was proposed annex to the contract specifying the responsibilities and clearly defined termination of the contract – said Tičić noting that in this case the fault was with the local government .



Project for Hotel Jadran

For hotel ” Zabljak ” contract remains in force , because, as it was announced after the session , the council held information that work on it during this month will be completed .

In another area of ​​privatization sales through equity Council has proposed a unilateral termination of the contract for the hotel center,recreation and rehabilitation in Herceg Novi , as well as a hotel ” As” in Perazića valleys.

In the third form of privatization , which was conducted through an agreement on long-term lease of land , the Council suggested that the Nord Star company for Lustica peninsula , if by 1 June 2014 does not meet the obligations under the privatization contract , the Government will propose termination of the contract .


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