Balkan Peaks – Tourism For The Future .

Tourism project “Balkan Peaks,” which is carried around the borders of Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, entered the finals, in the top three candidates for the award of the World Council of Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) – “Tourism for the Future” (Tourism for Tomorrow Awards) .

Rugove - Boge

The prize is awarded to the most successful in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčimplementing sustainable forms of tourism in the destination level. The project developed jointly by Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, under the auspices of the ORF (Open Regional Fund for Foreign Trade) is funded by the German Government and implemented by GIZ, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, National Tourism Organization and the Municipality of Plav , which were partners with Montenegro, “it was specified in the notification.

Rugove - Boge - Kosovo

Besides Balkans Peaks, the finalists are Singapore “Sentosa Development Corporation” and the Tourism Council of Bhutan project.

“The project provides a basis for the evaluation of space tourism in the border triangle of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro as a single tourist destination. Tourists can enjoy the most beautiful hiking routes, natural attractions, legacy and different cultures.

Balkan - Peaks

The project has identified and established a central mountain trail “Tops of the Balkans”, which connects the villages from all three countries. Length marked trail is 192 km, set is signaling, made a guide for the path and folder paths. The common goal of promoting and maintaining the region paths are defined by the general standards. Was arranged and procedures of border crossing for tourists outside the official border crossing, and set up a security system in the mountains – emphasized in a statement.

The winner will be announced at the annual WTTC Summit in April in Abu Dhabi.

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