Azmont interested in buying the Igalo Institute

The company Azmont Investments is interested in the privatization of the institute of Igalo and documentation shall be redeemed when a tender will be announced , today announced the company’s CEO, James Wilson.

Institut Igalo

He said that they have already done a feasibility study and to have a plan to build a spa and wellness center with the engagement of the world’s leading company for this type of tourism.

The Institute has a great value particularly highly educational and professional medical staff, Wilson said at a news conference, reports Radio Adriatic.

Azmont Investments representatives are not able accurately to declare whether the company is interested in buying the Adriatic Shipyard Bijela.

Wilson is, when it comes to partnership with Atlas group in the evaluation of sites on the hill “Mare” near the Croatian border, said that this is a serious company with which they had previously agreed to a three-year lease of villa Lovćenka in Meljine.

Health Center in Igalo is the largest and best-known institution for multidisciplinary spa treatment in the Mediterranean. The company also owns the exclusive Villas Seagull, which was built in 1979   solely for the purpose of then Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito



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